Companies Turn To Psych Tests To Screen Out Workplace Weirdos

David Aplin Group President, Jeff Aplin, reports to Canadian Business on how hiring managers are increasingly using psychological tests to assess potential hires—particularly at small firms, where fitting in is crucial.

“fit” matters most to small business.

Cover letters, resumes, and interviews are usually what we expect when searching for a new job. But there’s another tool that’s gaining popularity for employers looking to take on a new employee: A psychological evaluation. Earlier this week, the Globe and Mail reported that Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page’s replacement will have undergone psychological testing during the hiring process.
While it may sound like an unorthodox method, recruitment firms say that “psychometric” assessments have become increasingly popular for organizations looking to fill a leadership role in their ranks. Companies have become “so much more aware of how critical it is to hire the right people,” says Jeff Aplin, president of head hunting and recruitment firm Aplin Group. “We’re seeing psychometric tests being more and more common.” It’s especially popular for companies hiring individuals for personality-driven roles, such as sales, leadership, and client relations (and less so for more technical positions in engineering or science-based industries). The majority of Aplin Group’s clients using the company’s executive search practice opt for psychometric tests in the hiring process, Aplin says. “It’s a growing trend,” he says. “Employers are big fans of it — it often gives better insight into the long-term potential of an individual, as well as how they may fit with the rest of the management team.”
Aplin Group uses a test called TAIS—“The Attentional and Interpersonal Style” evaluation…
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Written by Kate Wilkinson