A Case Study: How Aplin’s Hiring Strategies Drove the Government Vaccine Rollout in Manitoba

The COVID-19 pandemic demanded an exceptional response from healthcare systems worldwide. In Manitoba, Canada, Aplin, in collaboration with the government and Shared Health, hired over 1,200 clinical professionals in just five months to support the vaccine rollout. This blog summarizes our achievements and invites you to download the complete case study to explore our strategies and outcomes in depth.

Scaling Up for Success

With the urgent need to rapidly deploy healthcare professionals across various locations, Aplin assembled a dedicated team to manage the extensive recruitment process. The project involved sourcing multiple roles, from administrative support to nurses and pharmacists, to ensure smooth vaccine distribution. We worked closely with Shared Health and the government, successfully delivering the vaccination program with over 1,200 qualified individuals onboard.

Challenges and Solutions

The magnitude of the project posed significant challenges. Aplin tackled the scale of hiring by implementing tight processes and leveraging technology, including transparent reporting and workflows, aligned with government targets, and ensured effective communication and performance tracking. Our collaboration with Shared Health, utilizing our applicant tracking system, streamlined communication and facilitated the efficient handling of resumes, verifications, offers, and rejections.

The Impact

The partnership between Aplin, the government, and Shared Health proved instrumental in achieving faster hiring targets. By utilizing existing technology and adopting a transparent workflow, the project experienced seamless progress, overcoming obstacles swiftly and ensuring no delays. Clear communication and close collaboration led to continuous improvement, benefiting both the recruitment process and the candidate experience.

Download the Full Case Study

Gain exclusive access to Aplin’s remarkable success in mobilizing a large workforce during the pandemic. Download the case study to unlock valuable insights and inspiring outcomes that will revolutionize your staffing strategies. Discover the power of managed services with a leading staffing firm and propel your organization to new heights.

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