Aplin & CompuStaff Named Top Rated Staffing Firms for the First Half of 2023

July 20, 2023 — Aplin is proud to announce that it has been named a Top Rated Staffing Firm award for the first half of 2023. Great Recruiters recognizes Aplin’s achievements in candidate & client experience, organizational efficiency, and brand reputation.

Joining the ranks of over 90 prestigious firms, Aplin has demonstrated commitment to capturing real-time feedback, automating instant action on that feedback, measuring recruiter performance & candidate experiences, and building social proof to elevate Aplin’s brand reputation. In the first half of 2023, Aplin received 229 reviews and achieved a 4.85-star rating.

Congratulations to all the winning firms.

Top Rated Recruiter: Victoria Kinakin-Liew

A special congratulations to Victoria Kinakin-Liew, a seasoned Aplin recruiter named a Top Rated Recruiter for Q2 of 2023. Victoria has repeatedly proven herself an exceptional recruiter, delighting countless candidates who have experienced her unparalleled dedication. Her commitment to going above and beyond in her role is evident through the numerous heartwarming stories shared by her candidates. With her remarkable track record and unwavering passion, Victoria truly is a Great Recruiter.

Way to go to all this quarter’s winners.

The Great Recruiters Top Rated awards validate Aplin’s leadership in staffing. “Winning a Top Rated award is the recognition you achieve when committed to providing a consistent, quality experience,” said Adam Conrad, Great Recruiters Founder & CXO. “It takes daily consistent effort across the organization to build a reputation strong enough to meet our standards of excellence. When you work with a Top Rated staffing firm, you can rest assured you’re working with the greatest.”

CompuStaff Named Top Rated IT & Engineering Firm

Also, exciting news, CompuStaff has been named a Top Rated IT &  Engineering Staffing Firm for the first half of 2023.

CompuStaff proudly joins the league of more than 25 esteemed firms, showcasing unwavering dedication to embracing real-time feedback, automating prompt actions based on that feedback, assessing recruiter performance, and enhancing candidate experiences. Additionally, CompuStaff is diligently working on building social proof to elevate its brand reputation to new heights. In the first half of 2023, CompuStaff received 40 reviews and achieved a 4.79-star rating.

Congratulations to all winners in this category.

“We’re absolutely thrilled about this prestigious honour—it’s a true reflection of the hard work and remarkable achievements by Aplin and CompuStaff throughout 2023,” Sarah Tokar, President at Aplin, shares with excitement. “In these times of significant shifts and uncertainties for top talent, our team’s win in this award really showcases our unwavering commitment to being trusted advisors, helping our talented individuals forge ahead towards a bright and successful future in their careers.”

About Great Recruiters

Great Recruiters is an experience management and brand promotion platform that automates online review capture down to the desk level, enabling users to provide better candidate & client experiences, increase referrals, improve organizational efficiency & QA, and grow their brand reputation. To learn more about their Top Rated awards, visit www.greatrecuriters.com

About Aplin

Aplin is a private, family and employee-owned Canadian corporation founded in Alberta in 1975. An award-winning staffing and recruiting agency that stands apart for quality results, we have proudly fulfilled talent demands and advanced careers for over 45 years. Aplin’s search services include Temporary & Contract Staffing, Permanent/Direct Hire Search, IT Recruitment and Managed Services. Our mission is to create value at every opportunity in all interactions with our clients, candidates, colleagues, and even our communities. Visit www.aplin.com

About CompuStaff

CompuStaff is proud to be known for having one of the highest submission-to-interview ratios in the business. Over the years, CompuStaff has earned a reputation as one of the search industry’s most effective, results-oriented firms. Our firm dedicates its resources and focus on a consultative, collaborative, and customized search approach. Unlike traditional recruiting firms, CompuStaff utilizes a collaborative process, leveraging the talent, contacts, and knowledge of our entire team of senior search professionals in every search. CompuStaff is an Aplin company. Visit www.compustaff.com