Your Tech Job Search: Which Sectors to Target During a Pandemic

The coronavirus has caused a devastating impact to Canada’s economy as many Canadians have lost their jobs and face uncertainty.
Businesses are now cutting back during temporarily shut downs, including restaurants, recreation, and retail stores. Contracts have been lost and projects have been cancelled or put on hold for the foreseeable future.
However, amidst the pandemic, some organizations are still in dire need to fill positions. Not only are grocery store chains and health-care industries are looking to hire, but organizations that are in the shipping and education spaces are looking to onboard new people, most of them in the Information Technology space.
1. Entertainment and video gaming
The video game industry continues to see an impressive jump in revenue as stay-at-home orders force millions of people at home to search for new forms of entertainment. Some of the largest Video Game giants are looking for Technical Support Giants, DevOps Developers, Programmers, and hundreds more to help support the increase in demand for their products. These roles are especially in demand in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.
2. Education
The coronavirus has forced millions of Canadian students to continue their studies at home. This caused education institutions to quickly adjust their curriculum to ensure the population completes their courses without falling behind. Provinces across the nation are looking for teachers to deliver online courses, and seeking for IT Coordinators to assist in the launch of updated online programs. Developers are now in demand to help maintain their systems and ensure that education can continue to be delivered uninterrupted.
3. Healthcare
Naturally, with this pandemic, many employers, particularly those within the essential services are looking for extra support during these times. Hundred of positions have opened in all provinces, not only searching for nurses and doctors, but technicians and IT professions to assist in the digital upgrades of their systems. Many of these roles are looking to onboard as quickly as possible.
4. retail and Grocery
Organizations in retail, particularly grocery, are increasing their demand for employees for both on-site locations and remote support with over 10,000 open positions nationwide. Some of these hot jobs include Software Developers and Engineers to support the increasing demand of their e-commerce websites. Business Analysts are required to help support the distribution centers and Project Managers are helping to expand delivery services. These organizations are looking for both permanent and temporary workers.
5. E-Commerce
Amidst the pandemic, e-commerce is thriving within this strained economy. Companies have recently announced plans to hire on 1,000+ new employees to join offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Alberta. Most of the jobs available are within the Technology space, focusing on Data Science, Software Engineering and Development. Some of the fastest growing e-commerce companies have recently announced that they will have over 500 new positions, mostly within the technology, accounting and warehouse spaces.
This list is only a small fraction of what is available for job seekers. As the job market rapidly shifts, job opportunities are arising, especially for IT professionals.
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Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels