Celebrating Staffing For Canada Week

It’s Staffing for Canada Week! As members of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS), David Aplin Group celebrates the incredible achievements and contributions of over 600,000 Canadians employed each year through the Canadian Staffing Industry.
We are eternally grateful to all the job seekers who entrust their livelihoods with our firm and our dedicated team of recruiters, helping you lead Canada to Work. Making a positive impact is David Aplin Group’s mission. We strive for a deep understanding of the professional needs of people to positively impact careers.
How Staffing is Making a Difference
With Canada’s unemployment rate currently at 5.7%, the staffing industry plays a vital role in helping businesses get the right, sometimes scarce, talent on board in a timely manner. This year, ACSESS has come together from June 3rd through the 7th to recognize staffing firms’ impact on our country’s continued economic growth and prosperity and the important contributions that temporary workers make to this country.
The workforce is changing with the new ‘gig economy’ of employees working on a contract basis. A study by Intuit Canada and Emergent Research projects that, by 2020, 45% of Canada’s workforce will consist of freelance, independent contractors and on-demand workers. This means that organizations are going to need flexibility in their hiring processes. Hiring temps or contractors through a reputable staffing firm known for its effective search methodologies is faster, more efficient and more likely to yield the right candidates for each role you are searching for.
The Importance of ACSESS
ACSESS works with its members to reinforce best practices, ethical standards and workplace safety through professional development, a members’ code of ethics, safety group, a thorough certification program and other initiatives. It also advocates for balanced legislation and keeps members on top of changes to protect the mutual interests of their organization, clients and candidates. It is a significant benefit to partner with an employment agency that is an ACSESS member.
As we celebrate Staffing for Canada Week 2019, please join us in recognizing the many contributions from the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who are employed through staffing firms each year.