Interview Body Language: Are You Speaking It Properly?

Body language refers to nonverbal communication through physical behaviours. These behaviours can include facial expressions, gestures and posture.

At a job interview, body language can be more important than what is spoken. Sitting slouched, rolling of the eye, or a weak handshake can sabotage the entire interview, leaving you without the job you coveted. Here are some important things to consider:

  • Greet modestly with a firm handshake 
  • Take a seat where offered by the interviewer- do not slouch- but do settle into a comfortable spot
  • Don’t form body barriers like folding your arms across your chest- this conveys to the interviewer that you are anxious and often signals hostility
  • Open your chest and have a straight back- good posture ensures that your interviewer is made aware of your confidence
  • Stay focused. Maintain strong eye contact with your interviewer
  • Sit Still. Try not to fidget and move around. Use moderate hand gestures. Using your hands to gesture during an interview shows confidence- but don’t overdo it!
  • Thank the interviewer for their time and exit with a firm handshake


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