How To Get an MBA Without Ever Setting Foot in a Classroom: Globe & Mail

GTA Vice President, Paresh Mistry, reports to the Globe and Mail on how employers don’t mind if your MBA is from an e-university.
Employers and recruiters are starting to feel the same way. In a recent study by the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, half the employers surveyed said a degree’s format would not be a significant factor in their decision to hire or promote a job candidate. As long as the degree program was properly accredited, that’s all that mattered. Paresh Mistry has been working in recruitment for 17 years.
Now the vice-president of the David Aplin Group, a recruiting agency in Toronto, he says his clients aren’t that concerned with how a candidate gets his or her MBA and is noticing the rising popularity of online MBAs. “The working professionals aren’t readily willing to give up a full-time job for school purposes,” he says. “In all the years I’ve been doing this, I can never recall a client turning down a candidate because of the circumstances surrounding their MBA. I don’t think that’s going to become an issue”…
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Written by Adam Stanley