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A simple thank you rarely feels like the absolute best way to show true appreciation for your administrative staff. They are such an integral part of the team and they deserve so much more.

Although, with today’s global pandemic crisis, this year is especially challenging now that your administrative team is likely operating remotely. But now more than ever, it’s important to acknowledge your admins by finding creative ways to celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day virtually on the Wednesday of the last full week of April. The traditional approach of gifting flowers or setting up lunch outings won’t work if your team is virtual.

Show your administrative team how much you appreciate them on this special day and throughout the year. There are dozens of ways to build social connections despite physical distance. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started:
Set up a video team party
Get caught up with each other as a group by hosting a video conference party via Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams. Video is an easy way to engage with your remote admins. Invite them to an office games night of bingo, charades, trivia contests or any other fun activities. Ask them to get creative with their backgrounds too. Video conferencing will make everyone feel included.
Send an electronic gift card
Consider granting gift cards for coffee, app store cards such as iTunes, retailers like Amazon, or any other popular vendors. Many businesses can provide their gift cards digitally via email. Even if it’s a small amount, these surprises will be appreciated.

Schedule a surprise take-out delivery
Surprise your administrators with a meal at home using a delivery service such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, or SkipTheDishes. A number of services and stores are offering contact-free delivery to help fight the spread of the virus while still delivering food. If you can, try to figure out what your admins like most to ensure you send them something they’ll really enjoy.

Extend an opportunity for some R&R
Offer them a “free day off” to enjoy some downtime. Acknowledge their hard work by giving them time away from their daily duties. If your administrators are currently working from home, some of them may also have children to care for. Show that you understand they need some flexibility by encouraging them to take a full or half-day off without losing banked vacation.

Acknowledge their contributions publicly
If your administrators are members of a professional network, such as LinkedIn, consider writing up and posting a recommendation on their profile for April 22. If you’re communicating company-wide, or connecting with a customer, be sure to give credit where credit is due. Sing your administrators’ praises as often as possible to demonstrate that you value them.
Encourage development
Demonstrating a willingness to invest in personal and professional growth will surely make your administrators feel appreciated. Provide opportunities for your remote admins to access online training to help them hone their skills or develop new ones.
Always remember to thank your admins. Be specific about the value they add to your business and acknowledge the work they do. Recognize their successes, their admirable work ethic, and how they help you and your team every day.

Office administration is a key element associated with workplace productivity and efficiency. If you’re in need of temporary or permanent administrative talent, we can provide convenient and economical hiring solutions, as fast as yesterday, through our network of office professionals.


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