Working Together in a Post #MeToo Gender Complex Workplace—Event Recap

February 26 in Calgary, Alberta – David Aplin Group was thrilled to launch a Canada-wide seminar tour co-hosted by Trudy Pelletier, President of Trudy Pelletier Consulting Inc.

The exclusive event, People Working Together in the Post #MeToo, Gender Complex Workplace, was an interactive panel discussion facilitated by Jeff Aplin, CEO at David Aplin Group. The seminar delivered industry-inspired insights from three thought leaders, including Trudy Pelletier, an expert communicator for critical conversations, a Senior HR Executive from a local business, and an Employment Lawyer from a local law firm. The panel provided a well-rounded discussion from all perspectives, bringing to light the tough topics most relevant in today’s workplace and the legal risks of ignoring important changes to employment laws.
The panel discussions featured an overview of two case studies with interactive table talks. These sessions provided best practices for workplace conversations that would expand trust, communication, and accountability, while improving team dynamics for higher performance. The impact of the #MeToo movement combined with today’s gender diversity is an important management topic that all organizations need to learn how to respond to.


From left: Jeff Aplin, with Trudy Pelletier, Erika Fox, Director of HR at Canpotex Ltd., and Robert Frost-Hinz, Partner at MLT Aikins LLP, paneling the seminar in Saskatoon on March 11.

The Me Too Movement
The panel recognized that sexual harassment persists in Canadian workplaces today. Everyone deserves to work in a space free from violence and harassment. And every employer is not only expected to but is required to put in place measures that prevent employees from be subjected to any form of harassment. For those that don’t, there can be severe legal risks and financial consequences.
The #MeToo Movement can serve as a platform to increase collaboration between those of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and genders, regardless of how someone chooses to identify or express themselves. The workplace in general needs to see a shift in language that supports a post #MeToo environment, such as “man” hours, “man” power, or how people are accepted or treated for taking maternity leave vs. paternity leave.
Laws are being introduced to protect workers from any type of harassment and discrimination, making it easier for them to come forward with claims. Companies need to stay ahead of the curve by taking a proactive approach to protecting employees. Every employer must have a policy on sexual harassment and company core values must always be upheld by all employees, to establish clear expectations for what is expected in the workplace.
Gender Diversity
The panel talked about the many types of diversities to consider in the workplace, including gender, race, religion, generation, sexual orientation and disability. Employers need to understand the difference between gender identity and gender expression and drive the adaptation of appropriate use of pronouns among employees for the purpose of inclusion.
Diversity and inclusion need to be prioritized. The workplace is increasingly becoming more diverse with laws being made to protect people from being discriminated against on account of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Organizations and their employees must be aware of these laws and adapt to these changes. Company policies should be aimed at helping employees adapt to these changes with proper training and communication.
The key takeaway is that the message must come from the top. Leadership and HR departments must focus on effective communications and take a stronger stance against sexual harassment and discrimination of any type with zero-tolerance policies. But it is also important for employees to feel safe and comfortable speaking up when they are faced with discrimination or experiencing harassment in the workplace.
Event Feedback
The David Aplin Group team was grateful for such an incredible turnout to these events and elated by the response to the People Working Together in the Post #MeToo, Gender Complex Workplace topic. Aplin has continued to position itself as thought leaders in employment and human resources and looks forward to hosting such events soon.

“Thanks for hosting a talk on such an important issue facing us all these days. It is imperative that everyone from senior leaders to the most junior people within a company be on the same side regarding the company’s mandate for equality and respect in everyday communication. Please keep me in mind when hosting more of these events, I will definitely make it a priority to attend. Very useful information and great format!” – Attendee

“Loved the content that was presented, and the case study format! Kudos to the David Aplin Group for tackling this sensitive but important topic! There needs to be more talks about this; we must keep the conversation flowing. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace, dealing with unconscious and cultural biases in the workplace is paramount. The presenters were knowledgeable, real and honest!” – Attendee

“Thanks for inviting me to this amazing seminar! I would say my biggest takeaway was to remember to always keep our eye on our core values…even with the clients we work with. We have a duty to protect employees from harassment. Thanks again!” – Attendee
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