The Benefits of Hiring Seasonal Temps

The holiday season is hectic all around: your regular employees want to take some vacation time but business doesn’t stop just because Santa is on his way. Projects that have year-end deadlines, in particular, can make the office even busier.
Whether it’s the quality assurance team on an IT project or the accounts receivable clerks who need figures to balance the books, there’s often a rush of work around the holiday period.
So aside from completing year-end tasks or seasonal projects, hiring seasonal temps can take the pressure off in other ways:
  • They can cover Christmas break/vacations for full-time staff, particularly in office administration and customer service areas.
  • Hiring seasonal temps is an excellent way to use up the year’s hiring budget, to ensure that an equal or greater amount is allotted in next year’s accounting structure.
  • Your organization can kick-start your hiring for the next year by bringing in temps who could end up transitioning into full-time roles.

What are the benefits to hiring seasonal temps?

If you have a solid job description in hand, hiring seasonal temps can have tremendous benefits for the bottom line of your organization, including:
  • Speed to market — hiring temps through an organization known for its effective search methodologies is faster, more efficient and more likely to yield the right candidates for each role that you are searching for.


  • Active/passive candidate pool — quality talent is not always waiting in the wings for you to put out job opportunities; you need to work with people who have access to hidden candidate pools in order to find the gems you need.


  • Try before you buy — if you will have full-time positions to fill in the new year, hiring seasonal temps is a great way to evaluate potential candidates on the job, at a time when they will have to hit the ground running!


  • Flexible workforce — while you might have end-of-year projects that need extra hands on deck, you might not need the same size workforce come January. The flexibility of seasonal temp hires means that you don’t have to commit your organization beyond your current needs.


  • Boost productivity — with people going away on vacation, there tends to be a productivity drop during the holidays. Seasonal temps can keep that problem at bay by ensuring that the projects you need to be completed are rolling along toward a firm year-end conclusion.


  • Save time and money — hiring is an expensive proposition, in terms of time and money. Working with an industry leader that can find you the right people, in a short amount of time, will ultimately save you both.

Begin early and be detailed

The best candidates will get snapped up quickly, so start your hiring process as soon as you can and make sure that you have a detailed job description and a solid set of expectations for each role, at the ready. If you are clear on the kind of person you’re looking for and what skills they need to have, you might find that they end up transitioning nicely into a permanent role, in the new year.

Start as you mean to finish

Using temps at year-end will help you to kick off the new year fresh and clean, without a bunch of loose ends that have gotten dropped while some of your staff were off on vacation.
To ease the pressures around holiday staffing and keep your team on track, partner with an industry leader in finding great professionals in shorter search cycles. David Aplin Group has talented candidates across Canada ready to work today! We can provide fast, reliable service for your administrative, technical or financial staffing needs on a temporary or contractual basis whether junior, intermediate or senior.