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We have all heard about and felt the challenges of staff shortages and employee turnover.

With contract staffing becoming more and more popular with many companies, its benefits are endless. According to Harvard Business Review, "they eventually will make up about 25% of the global workforce." While our work culture has drastically changed through the years, there are a lot of benefits to having contract staff as part of your team.

1. Financial Freedom
Employing contract staff for specific projects or covering an employee's leave means that you are not tied into long-term commitments and only pay for the hours worked. Not only this, but contract staff generally do not reap the benefits full-time or part-time staff receive, such as paid leave, medical or dental coverage, or any wealth accumulation plans.

2. Fresh Ideas
Having a fresh set of eyes can give an outside perspective that can help push projects forward. Contractors bring a wealth of experience from working in many companies, and their skillset can be invaluable to a team project. Similarly, if you have multiple contractors, it only gives more ideas and strategies.

3. Specific Skilled Talent
The need for specific skills or technologies changes more quickly than we can sometimes deal with. Contractors offer the ability to help your team successfully carry out short- OR long-term projects without having to expand the company's headcount indefinitely.

4. Shorter Hiring Process
As the long-term commitment risk to any contract staff is significantly lower than permanent staff, this can reduce the time it takes to find somebody capable of carrying out the required work. By utilizing a recruitment agency's pre-built talent pools of contract staff, finding the right contractor for you has never been easier!

5. Permanent Opportunity
While the idea of hiring a contractor is for short-term needs, sometimes there is the opportunity to keep that individual beyond the initial contract length. When you find that "rockstar" who is absolutely killing it, they may also seek the stability of a permanent placement.
Ease the pressures around project staffing and keep your team on track, by partnering with an industry leader to find exceptional professionals in shorter search cycles. David Aplin Group can provide fast, reliable contract staffing solutions to fit your needs.


Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels