Aplin Named Great Recruiters Certified 2023 for Second Time in a Row

Calgary, Alberta — Aplin has announced that it is Great Recruiters Certified 2023 by Great Recruiters, the leading experience management platform for the recruiting and staffing sector.

Great Recruiters Certified (or “GR Certified”) is a top distinction for those recruiting and staffing firms that have put processes into place to ensure a great experience for their candidates, clients and placed talent. They actively seek out feedback, incorporate it into their business processes, display reviews & ratings, and demonstrate their commitment to the highest level of recruitment practices.

“We are thrilled to have earned the Great Recruiters Certified designation, which speaks to our national team’s dedication and hard work,” said Sarah Tokar, President of Aplin. “Our mission is to create value at every opportunity. This certification validates our efforts to create a positive candidate experience, build strong relationships with our clients, and deliver outstanding results.”

“Last year saw major game changes in recruiting and staffing, not the least of which is the growing impact of candidate and client experience on agency success,” said Adam Conrad, Great Recruiters CXO. “Our 2023 GR Certified staffing firms don’t just talk about creating great experiences—they actually do it. These winners truly are the future of the recruiting and staffing industry.”

Aplin is known for its innovative recruitment strategies and exceptional customer service, providing tailored staffing solutions to clients across multiple industries. Earning the Great Recruiters Certified designation has further solidified its reputation as a top staffing and recruitment firm consistently delivering exceptional results.

To be considered as Great Recruiter Certified 2023, recruiting firms must meet a set of criteria, which includes being on the Great Recruiters platform for a minimum of six months; regularly soliciting feedback from jobs-seekers and placed talent; achieving an average Great Recruiters rating of 4.6 or higher; and at least 33% of the agency’s recruiting team achieving Great Recruiter certification.

About Aplin

Aplin is a private, family and employee-owned Canadian corporation founded in Alberta in 1975. An award-winning staffing and recruiting agency that stands apart for quality results, we have proudly fulfilled talent demands and advanced careers for over 45 years. Aplin’s search services include Temporary & Contract Staffing, Permanent/Direct Hire Search, IT Recruitment and Managed Services. Visit www.aplin.com.

About Great Recruiters

Great Recruiters was founded in 2017 with a simple mission to increase trust and transparency in the recruitment industry. Great Recruiters provides its clients with a simple and meaningful way to capture, act upon, measure, and promote real-time feedback from those they serve. In an industry with low barriers to entry, Great Recruiters believes it is imperative to help job seekers find and identify great recruiters and staffing companies that can help serve their needs. Visit www.greatrecruiters.com.