Enhance Your Job Search by Boosting Your Career Credentials

Struggling to find the perfect job?  Most employers appeal to candidates who have the desire to advance and are willing to learn.
Job seekers who are committed to continuous learning and career growth are more likely to land a good job. If you’re having difficulty securing the job you want, your (lack of) credentials could be a contributing reason why. Here are some ways to impress recruiters and hiring managers with professional development, putting you at the forefront of the competition:
Consider an Online Degree
Education is an important element in choosing a career path and it certainly adds an advantage when you are looking to get hired.
Online education has become a popular option for many working professionals. And, most post-secondary institutions offer a variety of courses in an online environment.  Online degrees are an ideal option for those currently working because this avenue allows them to maintain their day jobs and study at the same time. The online alternative can also be very beneficial to those who already have a college diploma, as online institutions will offer credits for programs already completed, helping you fast track to the next level.
But be forewarned, as online courses require much dedication, and discipline and can be expensive. It may be difficult to devote all of your free time to school after work, but the long-term gain is well worth it.
Earn a Designation
Earning a designation in your field is an excellent way to boost your career. A designation establishes credibility and recognition of your experience and knowledge.
Designations are obtained through a rigorous series of examinations and require a lot of your time. But it’s a great way to demonstrate that you are fully invested in your career and industry sector. They also come with additional perks and benefits such as access to educational career development programs, opportunities to attend private networking events and membership subscriptions to industry content, reports and newsletters. In some cases, a designation can also provide credits or discounts for other credentials or educational courses.
Remember to do your research. Ensure that a designation in your field is in fact a value add. In the financial industry, for example, professional designations are oftentimes a requirement to get hired. Real Estate is another industry that places a high level of value on designations, but it’s not for everyone.
Get Certified
One of the best ways to demonstrate commitment to career growth is by pursuing industry-recognized certifications.
Certifications are a less expensive alternative for boosting career credentials. Less extensive than acquiring a formal designation, certifications are great value adds in most industries. Is there specific software expertise your ideal job requires? Look at the required skill sets and research certification opportunities. Consider certifying your own strengths. If, for example, you are a Microsoft power user, acquire certification for specific MS programs online that would benefit the position you’re after.
Focus on your unique skill sets. Your competition is less likely to have such certifications, specifically in rarer or more tough applications and this will make you far more marketable and desirable to potential employers.