Scrum Master

Scrum Master

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Edmonton, Alberta

Information Technology




Join a top employer and advance your career. Aplin has partnered with an Edmonton-based company to hire a Scrum Master. 

As the Scrum Master, your primary role is to provide support to projects and their teams at a granular level. You'll collaborate closely with project team members, including application developers, business analysts, and quality assurance testers, to implement the Scrum framework effectively. Your mission is to coach the team, foster a deep understanding of Scrum, and drive continuous improvement. Ultimately, you'll ensure the team's organized progression through well-planned and coordinated development sprints, all while maintaining open communication with project managers and project sponsors.

  • Scrum Process Stewardship: You will diligently oversee adherence to the Scrum process within the team. This entails orchestrating and facilitating all Scrum ceremonies, such as sprint planning, daily standups, sprint reviews, and sprint retrospectives. Moreover, you will actively coach the team on Scrum principles and best practices.
  • Barrier Identification and Resolution: It falls upon you to identify and resolve any obstacles impeding the team's progress and hindering their ability to deliver value and meet their objectives. These barriers can range from technical challenges to issues related to team dynamics.
  • Clear Communication: You'll ensure transparent communication channels exist between the team, the project manager, the product owner, and other relevant stakeholders. Effective communication is key to the success of the Scrum process.
  • Progress Monitoring and Reporting: Your role involves monitoring the team's progress and presenting this information transparently to project managers, sponsors, and other stakeholders through proficient reporting practices.
  • Backlog Support: You will be responsible for assisting the product owner and business areas in prioritizing and maintaining clear, usable backlogs for the project.
  • Five to ten years of experience in related positions.
  • Completion of a technical or community college certificate or diploma spanning two to three years.
  • Certification as a Scrum Master or Professional Scrum Master, if available, would be an advantageous asset.
  • Consideration may also be given to a combination of education and experience.
  • Exceptional and succinct communication skills (both oral and written).
  • Over five years of hands-on experience in managing Scrum and/or Agile projects.
  • Demonstrated leadership capabilities, including the ability to enforce sound Scrum governance and promote excellence in delivery.
  • Proficiency in bridging the gap between the business and technical aspects of software development/implementation projects.
  • Proficient conflict resolution skills, coupled with a compassionate approach to resolving disputes within the development team.
  • Demonstrated ability to build consensus among diverse groups.
  • Strong facilitation skills for hosting Scrum events, such as sprint planning and retrospectives.
  • Familiarity with Agile tools like Azure DevOps or Jira.
  • Business-level expertise in utilizing collaboration tools such as SharePoint, MS Teams, and OneNote.

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