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GTA's National Practice Leader for Information Technology, Paul Farkas, reports to Workopolis about the most in-demand technical skills. 
You’ve got tech skills. You know how to use Facebook and Twitter, can assemble a WordPress blog in minutes, and your iPhone talks to your thermostat. As useful as these skills are, they aren’t the technical abilities that are most sought after by Canada’s largest employers. If you’re looking to enter the world of IT professionals, here is what you need to know.
According to Paul Farkas, a National Practice Leader at David Aplin Group, one of Canada’s leading recruiting firms that specializes in placing Information Technology professionals in the Greater Toronto Area, the real demand is for experience with the plumbing of enterprise software, specifically .NET, C# and Java.
“The demand for talent is high,” says Farkas, “with salaries ranging from $55K at the junior level, all the way up to $130K+ for executives.”
Farkas sees the need for these skills across a wide array of industries including: consulting, business process outsourcing, financial, energy and utilities, manufacturing, technical support, software development, pharmaceutical and medical.
He also highlights one area of development in particular: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). ERP encompasses a huge variety of software applications that all fit together to give companies of all sizes the ability to see the moving parts of their business and make informed decisions about how and where they can make changes. There are as many kinds of ERP implementations as there are companies.
And although there are some big names in the ERP space such as Oracle and SAP, even their highly sophisticated ERP products require knowledgeable and experienced developers to customize them and provide ongoing support for the businesses that buy them. Thus the need for people with the skills to shape ERP components...
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Written by Simon Cohen




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