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Canadian summers may be short in duration, but the negative impact on business can be paramount. Employee vacations, extended outdoor breaks and mental check outs, it’s no wonder that many organizations see a decrease in productivity during the summer season. 

According to a survey by Captivate Network, results revealed that productivity decreases by 20%, attendance dips by 19%, employees are 45% more distracted and turnaround time on projects increases by 13%. 


Not too good for business, right? But there is an interim solution. Temping! The Canadian workforce has been trending towards a more temporary and contract employment structure since the 2009 recession. And with today’s downturn economy, hiring temporarily has real proven benefits:

  • Try before you buy
  • Flexible workforce
  • Boost in productivity
  • Save time and money


Having successfully placed over 1,555 professionals into suitable temporary and contract positions in the last year alone, accounting for 58% of our business, we see the positive impact!


To ease your summer staffing shortages and keep your team on track, partner with an industry leader in finding great professionals in shorter search cycles. David Aplin Group has talented candidates across Canada ready to work today! We can provide fast, reliable service for your administrative, technical or financial staffing needs on a temporary or contractual basis.