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While traditional methods for job seekers still reign supreme, personal branding on LinkedIn is becoming increasingly important to stand out amongst your peers.
If you've looked at job listings and noticed applicant totals in the triple digits, you may be wondering to yourself how you can stand out. Unfortunately, there is no correct answer when it comes to building your brand. You need to do what is natural for you.

Here are some tips that can help you begin to build your brand.

Basic Steps
Fix your URL: Most default LinkedIn URLs contain a long string of random numbers. It's an easy switch to change the URL to www.linkedin.com/in/yourname.

Profile Photo: A professional headshot is the first step to making a good impression. Choose an image that shows your face clearly, with appropriate lighting and clothing for business casual occasions! A low-cost strategy to getting a good headshot is asking your favourite Instagrammer to take your photos.
Intermediate Steps
Ask for recommendations: There's a good chance you have a former peer, boss, or mentor in your connections. Ask them to craft a recommendation to highlight on your profile. These will give prospective recruiters much more insight into you than a resume will.

Craft a compelling description: You're not just a name on the internet. You have dreams, aspirations and motivations that make you who you are - so write them down! Your profile should be more than your resume; it needs to speak about what will motivate people as they visit (or click) around to find someone like themselves for any industry or role desired.

Target your skills for your desired role: Adding skills to your profile is a great way to insert yourself into the job market. A surefire way of getting noticed by recruiters? Search through job listings and add some key skill sets! You have 50 skills to choose from, so why not spend them all on something that will set you apart from other candidates.
Advanced Steps
Publish an article: It's daunting to put yourself out there, but writing about your educational experiences, projects you've worked on, or your thoughts on trending topics within your industry is a great way to demonstrate you're serious about your career.

Interact with professional groups: Networking is an important part of the job search process. Regardless of whether you want to learn about new technologies or grow your network, there are groups for everyone!

Engage with your connections: A simple but effective way of expanding your reach is by engaging with people you know and trust. It's an excellent opportunity for feedback, which will help both yourself and others in the long run!

Building your brand is a process, but starting with the list above will put you ahead of your peers. Spend an hour today addressing each of these, and you'll notice a difference soon. 



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