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CALGARY, March 31, 2021 -- David Aplin Group and Candidly announce strategic partnership and commitment to Zero-Bias screening in Software Development recruiting.

Leading Canadian recruiting and staffing agency David Aplin Group is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Candidly, a Toronto-based skills-first job-matching platform targeting the Software Development market. Candidly brings an entirely new level of accuracy to the screening and recruiting process, removing human and machine bias and ensuring that capable candidates are not overlooked.

“David Aplin Group strives to positively impact lives and part of that is our commitment to providing equitable hiring processes that create opportunity for everyone,” said Jeff Aplin, President & CEO of David Aplin Group. Aplin is committed to incorporating HR technologies in our screening practices across all of our hiring channels, and as part of that effort we have partnered with Candidly to improve our processes with respect to talent acquisition in the Software Development space. Aplin will also become an official Candidly Zero-Bias Screening Partner.

“Candidly is a company whose values align with ours and their innovative way of removing bias from the screening process for Software Developers makes them an ideal partner for our group.”

Candidly Founder and CEO James Knupfer knows firsthand the challenges faced by even the most skilled job seekers. Having enjoyed a successful corporate career with only a high school diploma, Knupfer found himself overlooked for similar roles at other companies. After earning his MBA, Knupfer discovered that adding those three letters to his resume opened up doors that had previously been closed – and yet his hard skills hadn’t changed.

This experience made Knupfer realize that capable candidates were being discounted for not having the “right” qualifications or work experience, and that the current screening and hiring models needed improvement. Out of this realization Candidly was born.

“In an industry with such a diverse pool of talented Software Developers who have honed their skills through traditional and non-traditional methods, Candidly wants to ensure that developers with the right programming skills for the job are considered for the role without bias and without being overlooked in the first place,” said Knupfer, noting that the strategic partnership with a leading recruitment agency such as Aplin is a natural fit. “Jeff (Aplin) and David Aplin Group is a leader in using the latest technologies and has a reputation of driving and promoting fair hiring practices and we are proud to have them partner with us on our Zero-Bias initiative.”
David Aplin Group is a private family and employee-owned Canadian corporation founded in Alberta in 1975. An employment agency for over 45 years, Aplin has been recruiting to fulfill talent demands for businesses across Canada. Aplin builds strong connections and leverages our networks to ensure success by having a deep understanding of the professional needs of people and organizations. For more information, visit www.aplin.com.
Candidly’s zero-bias, skills-based approach to screening uses objective data – proficiency in highly sought-after programming languages – to match Software Developers with prospective employers. For more information, visit https://zerobiasscreening.candidly.me/zb.

Whether a screening process is performed by a human or through AI-assisted technologies, all candidates are subject to the biases of recruiters and companies. When a job applicant supplies subjective information as part of their application or resume, such as their level of education or years of experience in a given field, it often doesn’t paint a complete picture of the skills that are most relevant for the job.

Candidly screens candidates with objective data, matching Software Developers with employers based solely on their pre-verified programming skills. Candidly’s use of anonymous skills profiles prevents conscious and unconscious bias from influencing the screening process, ensuring that capable candidates are not overlooked or disqualified unnecessarily.

Zero-Bias Screening has been proven to increase the number of diverse candidates who apply for roles, make it through to the interview stage, and ultimately get hired.


Candidly Zero-Bias Screening partner companies have committed to promoting fair screening practices across all hiring channels, and will specifically apply these practices – with the aid of the Candidly platform – to screening and recruitment in the Software Development sector.

Software Development roles recruited through a Zero-Bias Screening partner such as Aplin will be identified with a “Candidly Zero-Bias Screening'' badge. This badge signals Aplin’s commitment to inclusivity and fairness throughout the screening and recruitment process to capable, skilled candidates. Interested candidates can apply to applicable roles by creating a Candidly skills profile to start the formal screening process. They can be confident that recruiters will only review their resume after considering their Candidly skills profile.

At David Aplin Group, we are committed to making zero-bias screening practices the industry standard – and the first step in that journey is our partnership with Candidly.